The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.

The question comes up often, “I have this amount of money, what would be the best investment to help me further my career in the music industry?”. To which I will often reply… “Invest in yourself.”

“Invest it in yourself.”

     Now, before you run off and buy a new guitar, let me clarify. Invest in yourself. Make your own personal value higher. Owning a 1000 guitar doesn’t change your value. Knowing how to skillfully play that guitar does, though.

See where I’m going?

     Invest in lessons, classes, webinars, networking events, mentors and anything else that will help take your skill and craft to the next level. In the end, that’s what matters the most. Everything else is just a tool. A great guitar player can make a $200 guitar sound great. I’ve seen some of the top name producers and mix engineers use nothing more than free plugins and software. That’s right FREE. Because they invested so many hours in honing their craft, the tools no longer matter to them.

     Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with fun toys and gear. But if you’re looking at getting your best return on investment, spend it on something that will help you grow. Buying a vintage guitar for $200 might be a great investment when you flip it for $1000. But that is only a monetary value. There’s no number you can put on being a skillful guitar player or even the next greatest singer in America.

     So, it is really that easy. No need for a long, overwhelming post. Just some simple insight as to where spending your money will benefit you most in the grand scheme.