Didn't reach your goals in 2018? Will 2019 be any different?

Here we are, 2019. Happy new year. It is that magical time of year again where everyone makes some new years resolutions and goals for themselves in the next 12 months. I think it is great. The foundation for being successful is setting goals and expectations.

I already wrote about that though, so I won't waste any time telling you why you should be setting goals and aligning your expectations in every situation in life. Just go read about it here.

Here's the problem with New Year's resolutions though.

With the new year and new years resolutions comes the sort of underlying whispers from those cynical people (like myself) who sort of just roll their eyes and think "Oh great, new year, new you. Haven't heard that one before. I can't wait to ask you how that goal of going to the gym every day is going in 30 days when you're taking pictures of the greasy hamburger you just ate". While I am not saying the condemning sort of mindset that myself and others may have towards those people with goals is healthy, it normally is the truth. Just take a look at the number of people in the gym in January vs February.

But that is not the point of the blog. The point of this blog is as follows, and it is the problem with almost all new years resolutions.

People set out the same goals, year after year, and always approach them the same way.

Whether it is going to the gym, releasing new music, saving money, a career change, getting signed by a record label or getting a million streams on Spotify, people set these goals and then just default to the same roadmap of how to get to those goals. Wake up at 6 am and drive to the gym. Book studio time and record a song to release. Spend only what is budgeted each month.

You get the point. When you set a goal it is great that you are setting a roadmap and action steps to reach that goal, but if those actions steps have not worked for the past 3 new years, maybe you should make a new plan of attack.

Albert Einstein said it best when he said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He's right. Make a different plan. Your current one obviously does not work.

Go to the gym at night time or buy some equipment you can use at home to work out. Have someone different record your music. Get a small home studio setup. Contractually agree to work with someone on a month to month basis to get music recorded and released. Download an app that tracks and limits your spending rather than just managing it yourself.

So, if you are serious about your goals this year and tired of not following through on them, try something different. And then in a month if that plan isn't working, change your roadmap and action steps again until you do find a sustainable way to be doing the things you want to do.