4 Steps To Communicate Better Online

Communication is the key to networking and success in the music industry.

Most of you are terrible at it.

     It’s the truth, I’ve seen artist miss out on so many amazing opportunities due to bad communication. It really is simple. I’ll break it down into 4 easy steps. Follow these and your communication skills will increase as well as your success rate.

  1. Reply to everything. This is obvious. you need to physically reply and talk with people in order to communicate. There is nothing that turns me off more than when I reach out to an artist and they don’t even bother to respond. It’s just simply ignorant and gives the impression that you don’t care about me. Therefore I will no longer care about you. On top of that, you never know what it is that I was going to offer you. Sure, maybe I was sending you an email to introduce myself and ask you a few questions that you didn’t feel like answering. Maybe, based on those answers I was going to offer something that was of value to you? Maybe you just missed a great opportunity, all because of bad communication. Answer EVERYBODY. If you don’t have time to do it personally, hire someone to do it for you. It is that important.

  2. Do it quickly. The music industry moves fast. When a label or business executive needs something, they need it now. If you’re not there to get an answer back to them, they will find someone else who will. Again, if you’re unable to make this happen, hire someone who will. Seriously, it’s that important.

  3. Learn the terms. People in the industry will take you a lot more seriously if you’re able to speak the same language as them. Start by losing the internet lingo. If I get an email or message that requires an urban dictionary translator, I’m moving on. Emojis are super cute…when you’re 13. Also, email has built in spell check now, there is no reason for words to be spelled wrong. Once you manage that, start learning the words of the industry. Brush up on your musical terms. If you’re going to be dealing with business people, learn some business and marketing terms. It will help you come across as a much more well-rounded individual. People respect that.

  4. Check your spam. Just do it. It’s happened to everyone. You check your spam and realize you had an amazing opportunity waiting for you….6 months late. There is nothing worse than that.

Here’s a fun little fact. The Beatles, you know, the most legendary band in the world? They personally took the time to write and answer every single letter, postcard and piece of fan mail they received. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like that had to play a part in their success as a band.

     So there it is, four easy steps to take in communicating better. A lot of it may seem like common sense, but trust me, a lot of people need to hear this. In fact, I even need a reminder of this sometimes. There is a lot to keep up with that sometimes, replying to everyone seems like a hassle. It’s not. It will pay off.

     Share your stories. Comment below about how you missed out on a cool opportunity simply because you missed a call or email. Let’s use others horror stories to remind ourselves we need to be better communicators!