The Best Musicians Are Business Men

     It’s a shame that the most successful musicians nowadays are the ones who are businessmen. Or, at the very least have someone behind them who is an extremely strong business minded or sales driven individual.

     Why is that? Why, in today’s day and age, do you have to be a business person to sell music? I think it comes down to a few key reasons.

  1. Sales. You’re selling something. Whatever way you cut it, you’re selling something. Music, merch, tickets, access or branding. Musicians are selling products. Any time you’re selling a product it’s going to require someone who knows how to sell stuff.
  2. Saturation. Everybody in the world is selling something nowadays. With the rise of the internet, becoming an entrepreneur and selling your grandmom’s homemade honey or your new fire mixtape is easier than ever. Because of that, the market is super saturated. In order to succeed in a saturated market, it takes a very strong business minded person. Not a stoner musician who can barely play guitar.
  3. Nobody is buying anything. Again, with the rise of the internet people have become cheap. Especially with items, they know they can get for free, like music. It’s just human nature, no one will pay for something they can get for free. Because of this, selling music requires you to trick the buyer. Guess who’s really good at tricking buyers? Salesmen and businessmen.

     So, why is it that musicians can’t succeed in selling music? They don’t know how to sell as well as a salesman. Honestly, it is just that simple in my mind. What role do you think record labels and all of their executives played a few years back? They were businessmen, marketing strategist and….salesmen.

     Want to become a more successful musician? Looking to sell more records, make better deals and leverage others to do what it is you want? Study business. Learn how to sell water to a fish. Create a marketing strategy to get people hooked. That is when you will start to see your music career (or should I say business) take off and make you money.

     My goal in future blogs is to tackle some really great sales tactics you can use in your music. I also am going to be giving out some basic resources on where to start becoming a better business minded individual. So, if you’re interested in learning more, sign up for my email list below!

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