Spend Less Money On Recording

     So you’re a band or an artist, and you want to make music your career. You have some legitimate talent, a good work ethic and some good music and content. The next logical step would be to drop a bunch of money on a professionally recorded and produced album, right? I won’t completely disagree with you, but I think there’s another essential step that will make your music career more successful than a well-produced album ever will.

     I’m talking about marketing. Getting your music in front of people.

     Artists have no problem dropping thousands of dollars on a recording. The problem happens when you ask them what their marketing budget is. Marketing is always left out. The most common excuse I get is “Oh we don’t need that, we’re going to promote it ourselves”. To which I normally reply, “Oh, you know about SEO and Social Media ads? You have multiple connections to both local and national blogs and journalists? You are willing to spend 10 hours a day for a few months promoting it prior to releasing it all?” The response is normally an awkward pause. Maybe it is being harsh, but I’ve seen it on so many projects that it’s just second nature.

     Everyone immediately blames the fact that Spotify doesn’t pay enough or how nobody buys music anymore for their song failing (which is false by the way, read about that here).  While that may be half the problem, the other half is that people just are not hearing it! The artists and producers invest tons of resources into these projects, who is making sure it gets heard?

     Your hard work deserves to be heard and recognized.

     The internet is so saturated that unless something is very strategically and properly marketed, no one will ever hear about it. For every dollar spent on recording, I always recommend budgeting to spend the same amount, if not more on marketing. Hiring the proper person to work on promoting your release is extremely important. I even will sometimes recommend cutting the budget on the recording in order for the marketing budget to be brought up. It is that important.

     Listeners will be more forgiving of a slightly lower quality album than they will be of an album that’s not properly branded let alone something they’ve never even heard of!

     It is like buying a sweet new BMW or Mercedes and then not being able to put gas in it in order to drive to work the next day!

     So where do you go from here? The topic of marketing and everything involved is a full-time job and takes way more than a quick blog post to explain. But I want to make sure one thing is clear. If you still think that posting a few random posts on facebook and tagging your best friends in it is enough, you’re going to need to change your thinking a bit.

     I am working on some great resources for DIY musicians who are looking to get their music heard. The first installment in that series is my free cheat sheet that you get when you sign up for my email list below. Marketing is the missing key that is holding you back from success. Now is the time to take the next step!

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