How To Sell Your Music Online

     I’m not even going to act like this was my idea. Gary Vaynerchuck owns everything business and if you’re not following him you need to start. Here . There is no money in the actual music anymore and figuring out how to sell your music can be difficult. So then how are people still making a living in the music industry? Because trust me, I know plenty of people who are making a very decent living on music alone. It is because they have learned to harness the two things Gary is talking about in the video above. There’s no money in music, but there is money in these two things.

     There’s no money in music, but there is money in these two things.

  1. Branding. Everyone knows what branding is, and if you don’t, you have definitely been the victim of it at one point. It’s the reason you can tell an apple computer from a windows computer from a mile away. The same reason the words “just do it” immediately make you think of Nike. It’s branding. Branding is the subliminal styling that everyone falls victim to and artists are taking advantage of it as well. It is that same branding and styling that makes people want to listen or be a part of someone’s music. Because it looks, feels and sounds cool and hip.
  2. Access. With social media, we have become more interconnected in each other’s lives than ever. We thrive off of knowing what someone else is doing every second of the day. Knowing where someone is eating, what movie they’re seeing or what gym they are working out of. The same rings true for musicians. Fans love being connected to their favorite musicians. They love the feeling they get when they feel like they are apart of someone’s life. So much so that They’re even willing to pay for it. Artists can easily capitalize on this. In fact, even before the internet, they were doing it…VIP tickets anyone? People were always willing to pay and extra $100 to go backstage and see the band’s dirty tour bus. People love access. It makes them feel important.

     Here’s a quick hint though, it is hard to sell access until you prove to your fanbase that they need access to you. That is where branding comes in.

     So if you’re struggling to sell music or make money, think about it differently. Don’t think about how you can sell your music, but rather think how you can brand yourself differently so you become a trend, or how you can give fans the access that they want to feel important.

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  1. Kyle Troop October 30, 2017 at 7:59 am

    So good man. These are spot on. They work off of each other so well too.


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