One Big Mistake That All Artists Make

It’s the absolute biggest mistake that (almost) every artist makes and it is what stops them from reaching success.

They don’t define their expectations.

     It’s the first conversation you should have as a band or artist. What’s the point of all this?  At what point will we feel as if we accomplished our goal? What is our definition of success?

How can you become successful if you never fully define what your idea of success is?

     Without setting the expectations at the beginning of it all, a band will never feel as though they have succeeded. They will constantly be searching for more. There are artists who have sold millions of records and they still don’t feel satisfied. Why? Because they never set a defined goal in their own personal minds. It’s like trying to paint a replica of the Mona Lisa without ever seeing what the actual painting looks like. What do you have to base your success off of?

     When working with a client it is always my first question. What’s the goal? What are you expecting to achieve? Will you be happy if you sell 100 records? Do you want to sell out Madison Square Garden? Are you trying to create a platinum record? Are you just wanting to do this for yourself and not care if a single person listens? There are no right or wrong answers, it’s completely a personal decision. No one can make it for you.

The real truth is this.

You can’t reach a goal if you’ve never even set one to begin with.

     By not defining what success is to yourself, as well as your project, you’re essential setting out on a journey with no destination. When there’s no destination there also can’t possibly be a map of how to get there. Neither you or any business professional will ever be able to help you create a plan for how to achieve your goal. See where the problem is now?

     So, before you dive into your next album or musical endeavor, be honest (and realistic) with yourself. Make a clear and defined goal of what you hope to achieve. That’s when you’ll be able to begin taking specific and effective steps towards reaching it.

     If you want some reasonable goals to begin to aim for, or even the next step in beginning to reach a goal, send me an email! Sometimes all it takes is someone from the outside to give you some insight. I would love to help you succeed!

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