You’re Never Going To Make It In The Music Industry

You’re never going to make it in the music industry and this is why; You’re not spending enough time doing it. It’s that simple.      Like any other job that you work at, it takes a 40 hours a week for multiple years before you become the best at it. It takes months for… Read More

I Hate Your Band And Here Is Why

Because it’s all about you. You only care about yourself and your band.      There are only two times someone will buy or invest time or energy into something. When it’s a necessity, or when they gain value from it.      Musicians, I hate to break it to you, but your music is… Read More

All The Studio Gear You Bought Was A Waste Of Money

Buy the studio gear you need, not the gear you want.       The age old debate, which speakers are the best? Which microphone should I buy? Is this compressor the best piece for the money? We all do it. There’s thousands of threads all over about it. We love fancy, nice, impressive recording studio… Read More

This Is Why Nobody Is Listening To Your Music

     If you really want the answer, it’s because it’s not good enough, if you want to know why then keep reading.      With the dawn of the internet, music has become more accessible than ever. Songs are essentially free, streaming is unlimited, quality is better than ever and there’s an infinite amount… Read More

The Studio

I’ve made some really exciting (and expensive) upgrades to my studio in the past few months with more to come in the new year. It’s really exciting to have a space where I can relax, work and most of all, trust my ears in an environment that I know well. The room is set up… Read More