One Big Mistake That All Artists Make

It’s the absolute biggest mistake that (almost) every artist makes and it is what stops them from reaching success. They don’t define their expectations.      It’s the first conversation you should have as a band or artist. What’s the point of all this?  At what point will we feel as if we accomplished our… Read More

Stam SA4000 Compressor Review

     I have always been a fan of that SSL style bus compressor glue. Ever since I had the chance to work on a beautiful SSL 4000 G+ console back in my days at SAE in NYC, I have been on the hunt for something that comes close to sounding just as good. I… Read More

You’re Never Going To Make It In The Music Industry

You’re never going to make it in the music industry and this is why; You’re not spending enough time doing it. It’s that simple.      Like any other job that you work at, it takes a 40 hours a week for multiple years before you become the best at it. It takes months for… Read More