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How To Sell Your Music Online

     I’m not even going to act like this was my idea. Gary Vaynerchuck owns everything business and if you’re not following him you need to start. Here . There is no money in the actual music anymore and figuring out how to sell your music can be difficult. So then how are people still… Read More

Listen To More Music

     It’s that simple. Listen to more music.      If you call yourself a musician or audio professional or whatever else, you need to keep up to date with music. I don’t just mean the 10 artists you enjoy. I mean all music. All genres, and styles, all eras.      Why? The first… Read More

3 Ways for Artists to Start Branding Themselves Online.

     Branding is what makes a company or product recognizable. It’s the reason you can spot an apple product from across the room. Brand recognition is an important thing. It’s also a vital tool in your band’s success. Let’s dive into a few ways that you can improve your online branding starting today. Be… Read More

The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.

     The question comes up often, “I have this amount of money, what would be the best investment to help me further my career in the music industry?”. To which I will often reply… “Invest in yourself.” “Invest it in yourself.”      Now, before you run off and buy a new guitar, let… Read More

The Best Musicians Are Business Men

     It’s a shame that the most successful musicians nowadays are the ones who are businessmen. Or, at the very least have someone behind them who is an extremely strong business minded or sales driven individual.      Why is that? Why, in today’s day and age, do you have to be a business… Read More