All Successful Musicians Do This, You Should Too.

Ever wonder what a key feature is that separates a successful musician from one that’s not? It’s a team of people pushing them and helping them along in their career.

The truth is this, behind every successful musician, artist, band or person, there’s a team of people helping and motivating them. Look at any album credits or listen to the Emmy awards speeches. The lists are miles long and filled with co-writers, producers, engineers, studio musicians, mixers, business individuals, marketing professionals and just supportive people. There’s a reason for that. It’s because no one can do it alone. No one can reach success (read this blog for more thoughts on what “success” is) without the help of a team of people behind them. There’s just simply not enough time or resources that one person is capable of having that will allow for them to achieve their goals.

Depending on the specific goal, it takes hours of creativity, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, promotion, licensing, and management to achieve it. On top of that, there still has to be the time in there for you to eat drink and sleep. It just not reasonable to think that one person would be able to do that amount of work.

Another great reason that a successful musician chooses to form a team of people around them as they realize they’re bad at some things. Someone who’s great at making music may be awful at marketing or client interactions. Sometimes people are bad at handling money, so it’s a smart decision to hire someone who’s not. Forming a team of skilled individuals will always trump someone who has 5 hours of youtube education on that specific topic.

The hard part is admitting you need help.

We all have a prideful nature in us that thinks we can rule the world by our own power. Sorry, but that’s not the truth. Sure, it takes motivation and drive within oneself, but it also takes other people to seal the deal.

Who do you trust to be a part of your team? I know it’s not always easy trusting someone to be a part of your music. It is vital if you want to reach your goals though. Spend some time and think about who would be a valuable person to get on board with your project. Find out how you can help them as well. The better team you surround yourself with, the better product you will have in the long run. Drop a comment below and let me know the key players on your team! Also, where you think your “team” may be lacking? What key role would your music and business benefit most from if added? 

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2 Comments All Successful Musicians Do This, You Should Too.

  1. Johnny Hazard January 21, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Nice ok. The hardest part for me is finding that or group that can help.

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