“Take your demo songs and turn them into commercially ready productions…..”

     The Problem…

        An artist writes a song. Excited about their new song they decide it’s time to take it to a real studio in hopes of getting taken seriously in the industry. They reach out to the local studio who is detached from their project, uninterested in helping the artist succeed and is quick to take their money in order to keep their doors open. The artist now takes this uninspired recording, posts it all over their poorly managed social media accounts, gets a few listens and nothing else happens. Discouraged at the song’s failed attempt at fame, along with the artist’s misguided expectations for the music, the artist stops playing music and proceeds to work at a fast food restaurant.

     The Solution…

     An artist writes a song. While in the process of working through it, they realize that this song could be even better if someone who was experienced in producing, promoting and marketing music was just as dedicated to the song as they were. Instead of investing in a large recording facility which doesn’t care about their music in the least, the artist invests in someone who will walk them through the process. Writing, producing, arranging, recording, and even marketing, distribution, branding and social media. Because of this, the artist releases the song and it is now a product that has been shaped and molded into a commercially ready piece of music. Additionally, the artist has formed a captivating image and brand around themselves, therefore gaining them more fans, more recognition and more success in their release.

     Why Me?

     “Ok Josh, great idea. But why should I hire you?” Because I am just like you. I am just as dedicated to making good, honest music as you are and when you succeed, I succeed. It is for that reason that I take every project from A-Z. Taking demo songs and general ideas and turning them into fully produced, commercially ready songs is what I specialize in. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a professional at every aspect of the music industry. It is for that reason that I surround myself with plenty of talented people who help both you and I achieve the absolute best and most successful product in the end.

     If you’re interested in taking your song to the next level and having someone who truly is invested in the product as much as you, let’s talk! I can’t wait to work together.

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