3 Ways for Artists to Start Branding Themselves Online.

Quetiapine Quetiapine      Branding is what makes a company or product recognizable. It’s the reason you can spot an apple product from across the room. Brand recognition is an important thing. It’s also a vital tool in your band’s success. Let’s dive into a few ways that you can improve your online branding starting today.

  1. Be mindful of what you post on your social media sites. Posting low quality, screen shot images from reddit doesn’t give off a very professional vibe. It is spammy and most people won’t follow you simply because they don’t want their feed full of spam. Take a look at some larger companies or artists’ facebook and Instagram feeds. I highly doubt you will find Justin Bieber or Coca-Cola posting a low-resolution meme.
  2. Have a theme to your images. Pick a filter and stick with it. I have even seen artists have a small watermark or logo on their images. I think that is a great way to distinguish your images from someone else’s and also create a brand awareness within peoples’ feeds.
  3. Take good pictures. Quality images with good composition and interesting content will always get people’s interest. In my opinion, there really is no excuse for bad images anymore. It is 2017 and everyone knows at least something about photography. At the very least people can tell the difference between a good or bad photo. Your iPhone takes better quality pictures than most DSLR cameras. Blaming the gear is no longer an excuse.

buy priligy review      So there are 3 tips for you to start creating a better “brand” for your social media presence. I have even seen some artists take this so seriously that they have hired a professional graphic designer or artist to brand their band. That is actually a smart thing to do! In the long run it will help your music and overall images be more memorable.

     I think it would be cool to see how some of you are already using some of these ideas on your social platforms. Sign up below and send me an email with the links to your accounts or just leave a comment so everyone can check them out!

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